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The communities at Fort Sill were created with families in mind.

Whether it's a morning workout at the Rinehart or Goldner Fitness Center, a picnic at LETRA or a night at Twin Oaks Bowling Center, you can enjoy your time without ever leaving post. Not to mention the hospital, dental clinic and the vet for your pet! Fort Sill also offers convenient shopping, accredited daycare and a variety of activities for families to enjoy.

Southern Plains »

Southern Plains community is made up of 1285 homes located on the south side of Fort Sill. Nearly all of the homes in this community are designated for E1-E5 families. A secluded sub-neighborhood also accommodates E-9 families.

Old Cavalry Post »

Old Cavalry Post community is comprised of 532 homes located on the north side of post. More than half of the homes in this community are historic homes. Homes in this neighborhood are divided into smaller sub-neighborhoods that accommodate E-1 – E-5; E-6 – E-8; E9; 01 – 03, W01 – CW3; 04, CW4; and O5 – O6, CW5 families.