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Are you PCSing to Fort Sill? We understand the moving process can be stressful, so be sure to review our FAQs to help ease you through it! Feel free to contact our staff if you have any additional questions, or if you have any special housing requirements so that we can work to best accommodate your family’s needs.

I have my orders...

[+] Who is Corvias Military Living?

The Army and Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) staff selected Corvias Military Living as the partner to privatize family housing at Fort Sill. Corvias is family owned and operated. The company has also partnered with Forts Meade, Bragg, Polk, Rucker, Riley and Aberdeen Proving Ground under the RCI program.

[+] Who is eligible for family housing?

You are eligible for family housing at Fort Sill if you are an active duty service member with a dependent and are assigned to an installation within 50 miles of Fort Sill. On the date of occupancy, you must have a minimum of one year of active duty service remaining on your current orders which includes PCS moves for training. You must also be signed into the unit or installation in order to sign a Corvias Military Living Resident Occupancy Agreement and take possession of a home.

[+] When can I apply for on-post housing?

You may apply for on-post housing as soon as you receive official orders. Advance applications can be received and are eligible to be placed on the waiting list prior to reporting to Fort Sill as verified by orders.

[+] What type of documentation is needed to apply?

DA-31 or other services’ equivalent Copy of most recent Leave & Earnings Statement Copy of Driver’s License (front and back) DD Form 1172 (DEERS Form)

[+] Can my spouse apply for housing on my behalf?

Yes, a non-military or dual military spouse may apply for housing on behalf of the sponsor/senior service member. The non-sponsor submitting the application must be named on the sponsor’s General Power of Attorney and present this document to the Corvias Military Living Leasing & Relocation Center.

[+] Can my spouse or someone else accept a home on my behalf?

Yes. If you would like someone else to accept a home on your behalf, you must complete a Special Power of Attorney (SPOA). The SPOA allows the person you designate to accept and terminate housing and sign the Resident Occupancy Agreement. The SPOA also states the designated individual may establish, change or discontinue the allotment equal to the service member’s Basic Allowance for Housing.

[+] Do you allow pets and how many?

Yes, Fort Sill is a pet-friendly installation. There is a 2 pet limit. Exotic pets such as monkeys, snakes, etc. are not permitted. In addition, dogs belonging to dangerous breeds to include full or mixed breed Pit Bulls, American Staffordshire Bull Terriers, English Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, Chows, Doberman Pinschers and wolf hybrids are prohibited from Fort Sill family housing areas. Please review theCorvias Military Living Pet Policy if you have additional questions. The Leasing and Relocation Center can provide you with a copy of this policy.

[+] Will I be responsible for utilities?

The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and the Department of the Army’s (DA) Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) with Congressional support has required DA to work with Corvias Military Living and other privatized family housing partners to develop procedures that provide incentives for Soldiers and their Families living on post to be responsible for their energy consumption. Through the Live Army Green program, Soldiers and their Families gain a better understanding of the OSD and DA’s utility policy through education about utility consumption at Army installations as well as conservation education in the form of energy-saving tips, programs and events. The essence of Live Army Green is simple -- your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) will continue to cover your electricity and natural gas costs up to a certain baseline amount established each month for your home type. The amount your utility usage falls above or below the monthly baseline will determine whether you: a) receive money back as a rebate; b) must supplement your energy costs; or c) do nothing.

[+] Are Fort Sill houses furnished?

No, the houses are not furnished.

[+] What amenities are included with the home?

Fort Sill homes are fully equipped with a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and garbage disposal in select homes. The homes also feature full size washer/dryer hookups. Corvias also offers free lawn care, maintenance, seasonal pest control and weekly trash and recycling collection.

[+] My family was assigned to a 4 bedroom home at my last duty station. Will I automatically qualify for a 4 bedroom home at Fort Sill?

At Fort Sill, service members with primary physical custody of three or more children automatically qualify for 4 bedroom housing.

[+] Explain the rent allotment.

The rent allotment will equal the your BAH entitlement for your rank for the period of time you reside in family housing. The allotment will reflect any BAH increases or decreases you incur.

[+] I am PCSing from my Corvias location. Where can I find more information on privatized housing?

For more information, visit the official site of the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) Partners: militaryhomestoday.com

I have my orders and I have special circumstances...

[+] I am a single service member with one child, am I eligible for on-post housing?

Yes, housing applications are accepted from single service members with legal dependents.

[+] I have a dual military household and my wife is stationed at another installation. Can I apply for housing?

Dual service members are eligible for on-post housing at Fort Sill. The BAH will be taken for the senior ranking service member at the Fort Sill withdependant rate. The remaining BAH is yours to keep.

[+] I am a dual military household. Whose name will my housing lease be under?

The lease will be placed in the name of the senior ranking service member.

[+] I am enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP). Will I have priority placement on the wait list?

EFMP status does not constitute priority placement on Fort Sill housing wait lists. If you are seeking priority placement due to EFMP status, please ask your Relocation Specialist for more information about our Exception to Policy process.

[+] How much credit will I get if I’m coming from a dependent restricted tour?

Applicants returning from a dependent restricted tour (e.g. Korea) are eligible for a wait list credit, up to a maximum of 14 months. You must provide orders to receive the accurate backdate. This includes Assignment Incentive Pay (AIP) program participants. Service members returning from AIP tours will also be required to submit a DA Form 4187.

I've completed my application...

[+] How can I check my current position on the wait list?

Please use the following link and follow the prompts to access your position on the wait list you selected: Wait List Position

[+] Can I accept on-post housing before I sign into the installation?

No. You must sign into Fort Sill before you can accept a home. You may be required to provide a copy of your DA Form 31 as verification.

[+] Who determines Key and Essential positions for housing?

Fort Sill Garrison Headquarters makes this determination.

[+] Is there a wait list for the newly constructed homes?

Corvias Military Living does not have a waitlist specifically for newly constructed housing. Our waitlist operates on the basis of first available home. Housing is assigned by rank band and bedroom size, not by neighborhood or square footage.

[+] What determines the list I am placed on?

Your rank and the number of dependents will determine the size of your home, as well as the rank band of the home you will be placed in. The rank bands are as follows: JNCO: E-1 to E-5, SNCO: E-6 to E-8, CSM/SGM: E-9, CGO: O1 to O3/, W1 to W3; FGO: O4 /W4; SGO: O5/W5 to O9.

[+] What determines my placement on the list?

Applicants who submit all required documents via email or fax will be placed on the wait list with an effective date equal to the date the service member departed the last duty station.

For walk-in applicants, the eligibility date will equal the date the service member departed the last duty station as verified by DA-31. Walk-in applicants who apply after 30 days of arrival at Fort Sill will be placed on the wait list with an effective date equal to the date of the application. For service members who are new to the U. S. Army, married and have received orders to Fort Sill as their first duty station, the eligibility date for housing is the Military Entrance Processing Date.

For service members who were single upon entering any branch of the military and married after initial enlistment, the eligibility date for housing is the Date of Marriage. All supporting documentation must be provided at the time of the application or within ten business days of the application submission. Applications will be placed in administrative hold until all documentation has been received.

[+] How long will my application remain active once submitted?

Incomplete applications can be accepted and held for a maximum of 30 days. Incomplete applications that have expired will be shredded for security.

[+] What will my wait time be?

Your wait time is determined by the number of vacant homes. The wait time given is an estimation and is subject to change, however, every effort will be made to find adequate housing as quickly as possible. Please check with the Leasing and Relocation Center for updates.

[+] What does it mean if my wait list position moves up and down?

Fluctuation on the wait list is expected, and your wait list position may change several times throughout the day. If you get bumped on the wait list, it means an incoming service member arrived with an earlier eligibility date and went above you on the wait list. Only the top ten percent of every waitlist is frozen and those service members cannot be bumped. If you are at your first duty station or are coming from a dependent restricted tour, you are eligible for wait list credit.

[+] May I request placement on more than one wait list at one time?

You may occupy only one wait list at one time.

[+] If I get in an off-post lease, can I stay on the list?

Yes. You can inform our Leasing and Relocation Center staff of the date your lease expires. We will note the date in your file as your availability date. Pending availability of homes, we will contact you with a home offer within a month of your availability date

[+] Once placed on the wait list, may I transfer to a different list?

If you elect to change wait lists, the requests must be made within 30 days of initial placement on the wait list in order to maintain the original housing eligibility date. Requests to change wait lists after 30 days will result in an eligibility date change to the current date of application.

[+] Once I am offered a home, how long do I have to accept/decline?

You will have 24 hours to make your decision. If you accept the home, you will be responsible for the prorated rent amount for the remainder of the current month and any pet fees and deposits that may apply.

[+] What happens if I decline a home?

Each time a home is declined the priority and eligibility date on the wait list will be affected as follows:

  • 1st Declined Offer- The eligibility date will remain the same and the applicant’s wait list status is not affected.
  • 2nd Declined Offer- The eligibility date will be changed to the date the applicant is declining the home.
  • 3rd Declined Offer- The applicant is removed from the wait list. The applicant is welcome to re-apply when they are ready. At that time the applicant will be added to the wait list and the eligibility date will be the new date of application.

[+] What happens if someone has the same eligibility date as me?

If someone has the same eligibility date, date-of-rank will be the secondary factor regarding placement on the list. The earlier date-of-rank will be placed first. If the date of rank is the same, date of entry into service will be used.

[+] Where do I stay while I wait for housing?

Temporary lodging at Fort Sill is available through Fort Sill Army Lodging, and is contingent on space availability. Corvias Military Living does not provide temporary housing for service members waiting to be placed in on-post housing. You can contact Fort Sill Army Lodging at 580.442.5000.

[+] Can I get my leave form stamped for Permissive TDY by Corvias Military Living?

No. Corvias Military Living does not service Permissive TDY. This process is serviced by the Housing Services Office located on the 3rd floor of Bldg 4700.

I'm getting ready to move on post...

[+] Who will pay for my family’s move if I am an incoming service member or moving from off post?

If your move is considered door-to-door from another installation, the move will be a government transportation move. Once you sign the Residential Occupancy Agreement your Neighborhood Office will provide you with a memo to submit to Transportation to move your household goods. If you move from off-post, you are voluntarily moving and thus will be responsible for your moving expenses.

I just signed my lease...

[+] What neighborhood do I live in?

Homes located north of Sheridan Road are in our Old Cavalry Post Neighborhood. Families in this neighborhood are served by the Old Cavalry Post Neighborhood Office located at 1164 Lester Road. The phone number to this office is 580.581.2140.

Homes located south of Sheridan Road are in the Southern Plains Neighborhood. Families who live in Southern Plains can visit their Neighborhood Office at 5434 Rossbach Road or call 580.581.2142 for assistance.

[+] How do I place a work order?

Work orders can be placed in a variety of ways including:

[+] Do I have to mow my lawn?

No. Corvias Military Living provides a basic cut and trim service. The intent is to make the lives of residents a little easier, as well as to improve the curb appeal of the neighborhoods. The lawn care schedule is posted on the back page of your monthly newsletter.

We ask that you complete the following tasks to make certain your yard is ready to receive the lawn care service:

  • Pets - secure pets in your home or in a kennel.
  • Pet waste – please remove prior to the morning of the scheduled mowing service.
  • Children’s toys – please remove all toys in the lawn prior to the morning of the scheduled mowing service.
  • Lawn furniture or decorations – store all nonfixed furniture and décor prior to the morning of the scheduled mowing service.

[+] What if I want to take care of my own lawn?

We understand our mowing service may not meet all residents’ expectations or needs. To that end, we have incorporated a “No Mow” program. No mow requests can be submitted through the Neighborhood Office if you do not want the lawn mowing and trimming service provided. If residents request their yard not be mowed, they will be responsible to mow and trim the yard on the same scheduled day that their street receives this service.

[+] What is the trash collection schedule?

Household trash is collected each Monday. To ensure proper pick-up of your trash roll-out, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Please have your roll-out in place by 6:30 a.m. each Monday.
  • Make sure the wheels are facing away from the street and toward your residence, and the arrows on the lid point toward the street.
  • Place the roll-out within four feet of the curb.
  • Place cart at least four feet away from all objects such as posts, gas meters, mailboxes, or recycling bins.
  • Do not place the following materials or items in rollouts: rock, dirt, gravel, cement, batteries, liquid paint, or tires.
  • All garbage must be placed inside the roll-out.
  • Bag all your garbage to keep it from blowing on windy days while dumping.

[+] How do I get rid of bulk items like furniture?

Corvias Military Living offers twice-a-week bulk trash collection. The bulk trash pick-up is for large items only such as furniture and appliances and does not include household trash. Bulk trash items should be placed curbside by 6:30 a.m. on the scheduled trash collections days, Mondays and Thursdays.

[+] Is there a recycling program?

Yes. Through the addition of a recycling program, we are helping to protect our environment. Each family should receive two recycling bins. Place your bins curbside on Mondays, four feet away from all objects including your trash roll-out. Fort Sill’s residential recycling program includes plastic bottles, aluminum/steel cans, paper and cardboard.

  • Use one bin for aluminum/steel cans only.
  • Use one bin for paper only.
  • Bag all plastic bottles and jugs in a plastic bag and place on top of the recycling bins.
  • Flatten cardboard and lay next to bins.
  • Rinse out all cans and bottles to remove contaminants such as milk which prevent recycling.
  • Co-mingled items (items mixed together) will be considered trash.

[+] Do you provide filters for my air conditioner?

Yes. In order to help your system function at its best, please be sure the filter is installed to keep the AC system airflow as clean as possible. Change the filter every three months. Filters are available at your Neighborhood Office. If you prefer we change out your filter, please call your Neighborhood Office to arrange for a maintenance technician to visit your home.

[+] Do the homes come equipped with fencing?

Corvias Military Living does not provide fencing for the homes. You may contract with a fencing company to rent a fence. If your home has a fence, you must contact the fencing company for removal or to make monthly payment arrangements.

I'm a current resident...

[+] I currently live on post but would like to move to a different house. Can we apply for another wait list?

Once the family is housed, the service member cannot apply for another wait list unless the following occurs: the service member meets the eligibility requirements for additional bedrooms due to (1) change in rank or (2) change in family composition. Intra-post moves are given the lowest priority on the wait list.

I'm moving out...

[+] What happens when I need to move?

Contact your Neighborhood Office to establish a move-out date and provide a written 30 day notice to vacate. If the move must occur sooner than 30 days, appropriate orders must be presented.

If the military has not directed the move, you will be responsible for moving expenses including a fee to terminate the Resident Occupancy Agreement.

A pre-inspection may be scheduled any time up to five (5) days prior to the scheduled move-out date. The pre-inspection which may identify potential damages or cleaning items that require remedy prior to move-out in order to avoid charges being assessed.

Corvias requires a final move-out inspection to be conducted after all personal belongings have been fully removed from the home. The identical form used to document the condition of the home at move-in will again be used at move-out to document the condition of the home upon departure. The two inspections will be compared with differences in conditions noted. After allowing for normal wear and tear, your Neighborhood Office will evaluate any remaining differences or discrepancies and assess appropriate charges if warranted.

[+] What other requirements exist upon moving out?

Corvias Military Living will only require the home to be surface cleaned, i.e.: floors vacuumed and swept, appliances/counter tops/cabinets wiped clean and trash removed.

[+] When will the rent allotment stop?

the resident, and any charges for damages (beyond normal wear and tear) have been paid, the allotment will be stopped. After move out, any refund due will be made by the tenth of the following month after your move out date. For example, if you move out on August 5, your refund will be made on September 10